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Ewan  « Back on the Roads of Time » – first LP / CD on Freaksville Records / Music
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My name is Ivan Georgiev. For the past 20 years I’ve been active in film music, writing scores for orchestra and electronics.
In the late eighties, I’ve been a member of several bands (Tuxedomoon, …), all quite eclectic in genres.
As far as I remember, I was a singer… but never opened my mouth!  As I laid down my voice on the demo tracks, not thinking I would sing them myself, it seemed obvious to everybody else that I was the singer.
I suppose the odd fact that I finally started to sing is a gift derived mainly from the acute consciousness of my own mortality.
Ewan was born.
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I wrote these songs in two short periods of about 5 weeks each. 21 songs came out ; pop songs, rock songs, “whatever-you-call-them” songs.
Some evolved into large arrangements, with string orchestra, woodwinds, saxophones, trombones, basset horn,… and at times unconventional structures.
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In the spring of 2016, I talked to the owners at Dada Studios.  Enthusiastic about the music, they proposed a friendly co-production.
This is where I started to call people : Didier Fontaine on drums (Deus, David Byrne, …), Eric Dory on guitars (Marie Warnant, Saint André, …), François Verrue on double bass (Bonnie Prince Billy, Axelle Red, …) and Géronimo de Halleux on the piano & keys (Snap Trio, K’Hawah JB, …). In two sessions, between june and august, we recorded the 10 tracks of the LP.  This combo is the core of Ewan on stage.
Next, I invited guests : Anne Van der Plassche did the backing vocals, Fabrizio Cassol on alt sax (Aka Moon), Stéphane Mercier on alt sax, Maayan Smith on tenor sax, George van Dam on the violin & alto (Ensemble Ictus,…), Jean-François Assy on the cello & FX (Alain Bashung, Daan, Christophe,…), Catherine Delaunay on clarinet & basset horn (Tomassenko, …), Adrien Lambinet on trombone (Art Zoyd-Musiques Nouvelles, etc.)

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